Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I am starting a blog - take 2

So now with being able to do everything from my Android phone, I am hoping to be more pro-active with the jewellery and crafts which includes being more active online.

I am really loving pinterest at the moment and will try to add a link to my boards (Hopefully link should be active now) and my Facebook page.

I also want to get more active on  twitter too and start making some of these wonderful ideas I see online.

Bare with me for a while as I try to figure out how to link up everything I do.

I currently have some jewellery available for sale - rings and badges - @ Souths on South Parade,  Summertown, Oxford.

Not sure how to put the pic in here but i will include with this post some quick pics i took of the boards as I was leaving Souths on Saturday. Excuse the shoddy photography.

So if you are around Summertown take a look at my lovely jewellery and while your there why not treat yourself to a coffee or a yummy cake.

Love and Stuff
Barbie xxx

Hi This a test post

Hi All

Just testing to see if i can link to this blog.

More to follow shortly


Sunday, 28 March 2010

First Blog

Hi Everyone

Welcome to my blog. This is my first blog so be kind to me!

I live in Oxford, England and I'm really enjoying making bracelets and would like to try to sell some of them so here I am trying to get people to look at my jewellery, to buy it and/or tell me what they think. Click Here to see my Etsy page

My name is Barbara-Anne. I'm in my mid-30's and trying to find an interesting and fun way to make a living, I think the jewellery may be the way forward. What else can I tell you about myself? I'm single and looking! I'm looking for work but I think that now might be the best time to try to get a jewellery business off the ground.

I think that's enough info for now but here are a few pics of some of my jewellery. Love Barbie xxx